We are excited to join the upcoming onboarding sequence to the Finanz Informatik-Schnittstelle (KVG-Schnittstelle) with our clients in 2021. We will support our asset manager clients throughout the onboarding process in H2 2021 with targeted go-live of fund reporting production in 2022.

What is the KVG-Schnittstelle about?

In 2015, the German Savings Banks Association (Sparkassen- und Giroverband, DSGV) launched a project to improve the integration of funds in the savings banks’ risk management and capital requirement calculation. A key driver of this project were the ‘lookthrough’ provisions in the revised European Capital Requirement Regulation (CRR II), which strongly incentivise banks to look through any fund holdings to avoid strict capital penalties for intransparency.

From those efforts, the KVG-Schnittstelle was designed i.e. an interface which is collaboratively maintained by the savings banks’ IT service provider Finanz Informatik and the data providers financial.com and Refinitiv. On a monthly basis, participating asset managers provide detailed portfolio information about their funds in a comprehensive position and address data templates. After being validated by financial.com and Refinitiv, the data is published to savings banks via the Finanz Informatik infrastructure. Thus, this process allows asset managers to supply their savings banks clients with comprehensive, up-to-date and high-quality information in a fully automated manner.

The first asset managers joined the Schnittstelle in 2018. In the meantime, 50 German as well as non-German asset managers report to approximately 330 German savings banks clients via the KVG-Schnittstelle with the number growing to 60 by 2022.

How can SolvencyAnalytics support us on the KVG-Schnittstelle?

At SolvencyAnalytics, we individually support asset managers in the onboarding and ongoing reporting process for the KVG-Schnittstelle. This includes:

  • Sourcing the necessary input data from our clients
  • Producing fund reporting along pre-defined Schnittstellen-templates including the calculation of embedded analytics such as KSA risk weight calculation
  • Setting up and maintaining the sftp channel to financial.com for safe and timely data delivery of the reports
  • Actively engaging in the testing phase with financial.com during onboarding phase (approx. 6 months)
  • Providing regulatory consulting services to our clients, for example on upcoming changes in the capital requirement regulation (e.g. switch to SA-CCR)
    Interested in our services around the KVG-Schnittstellenreporting?

Feel free to reach out to info@solvencyanalytics.com!