Solvency II Tripartite Reporting

  Full Service Approach: we take over the entire process chain of Solvecy II report production and dissemination.

  • Solvency II requires a look-through of the majority of balance sheet assets
  • We are providing Solvency II Tripartite Reports including SCR calculations and fund-of-fund look-through
  • We see significant relevance of indicative SCR calculation to support insurance clients in their ALM and regulatory processes.

Concise one-pager with funds’ key SCR figures and SCR contributions per e.g. asset class, ratings, currency and duration buckets.

  • We provide SCR calculation of all holdings, including OTC products with client specific
  • Verification of results, if necessary in dialogue with product specialists and portfolio managers
  • Aggregation of results into our SCR Factsheet
  • Some asset managers prefer providing aggregate SCR figures on fund factsheets

  We are supporting the initiative to enhance fund tranparency and operational efficiency in the Swiss Solvency Test reporting process.

  • While the Solvency II tripartite template is designed to cover regulatory requirements of Solvency II regulated insurance companies, no standardisation effort for the SST regulated Swiss market has been made so far
  • We are supporting the initiative with the aim to extend the Solvency II TPT template with SST relevant fields
  • We are providing SST fundreports to various Swiss insurance companies – please contact us for further details us here.

  We are providing a wide range of regulatory reports for large international asset managers with focus on various jurisdictions.

  • Our standard offering includes VAG, GroMiKV and CRR reporting
  • We coordinate special requests with our partner law firms in the respective jurisdiction