Solvency II Reporting and Optimization

  Proposition of risk / return efficient allocations under economic ALM and Solvency II considerations.

Typically, following investment objectives can be pursued:

  • Increased return potential at unchanged risk and SCR level
  • Reduction of risk and SCR at increased return potential
  • SCR reduction at unchanged risk and return level

Key to our approach is to consider economic risks of assets and liabilities first and including regulatory constraints in a second stage. By this we ensure sound allocations from an economic ALM perspective. Our models include following aspects:

  • market risk including interest rate sensitivities of liabilities
  • insurance risk
  • SCR minimisation framework
  • Special features: inclusion of extreme market and insurance scenarios, modelling instruments convexity

Our ALM / Solvency II solutions range from asset class analysis to optimised portfolio construction. Please contact us for further details.

  Index replication at minimal SCR. 

  • Minimising SCR for given investment universe and constraints on risk and allocations (e.g. sectors, currencies, asset classes)
  • Applications: Fixed income indices, equity indices with Solvency II optimised overlay strategies

  Keeping equity exposure at significant reduction of Solvency II capital charges.

  • Convertible bonds unify fixed income and equity like characteristics.
  • From a Solvency II perspective, convertible bonds’ convexity (change of equity sensitivity at changing underlying equity price) strongly reduces SCR. More importantly, for Solvency II SCR calculation the convexity is measured within a +/- 39% or +/- 49% range and not in the vicinity (as it is typically done in the financial industry)
  • Deep in the money convertible bonds are particularly interesting from a Solvency II capital efficiency perspective
  • Our research on this topic can be found here.