Environmental, social and governance (ESG) refers to three key factors to measure investments’ sustainability and the ethical impact. While various types of ESG investing practices have been in place for decades, the recent regulatory developments in this field have strongly fueled discussions around ESG investing and reporting. ESG related changes in various regulations, including Solvency II, MiFID II, AIFMD, UCITS and others are likely to have an impact on investment behaviour as well as related reporting obgligations. In this context the ESG taxonomy will be of key importance to assess economic activities based on their contribution to EU sustainability related policy objectives.

As standardisation of concepts, measures and reports are at an early stage, our focus is currently on custom ESG reporting solutions.

ESG Factsheet Generation

Including ESG figures on standard fund factsheets.

ESG Lookthrough Analysis

Multilevel ESG look-through analysis for fund-of-fund structures.

Carbon Emission Analytics

We provide data enrichment of Carbon emissions and warming potential through our partner Carbon Delta.

Use Case – ESG factsheet production

We enrich Credit Suisse’s factsheets with ESG data and apply where necessary a multi-level look-through. ESG characteristics of Portfolio and Benchmark data compared and visualised on the standard fund factsheet’s second page.

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