Collection of the relevant data using the EFAMA EPT template, calculations include:

  • performance scenarios
  • volatility figures
  • summary risk indicators

Our calculation engine can produce:

  • Standard Risk Indicators
  • performance scenarios
  • stress performance scenarios for a range of recommended holding periods
  • Total Reduction in Yield due to Cost

Transaction Cost Calculation

Our services include:

  • Full Costs and Charges Calculation module for ex-ante and ex-post disclosures
  • Dissemination to Platforms, Third Party Vendors, Distributors and DFMs in XML or CSV format
  • Mapping to Open Funds, WM Daten and full PRIIPs KID calculations
  • Ability to calculate Transaction Costs according to the “Arrival Price” Methodology for PRIIPs and MiFID II according to Annex VI PRIIPs RTS and New PRIIPs Methodology