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Enjoy our short video introducing our capabilities and Solvency II / Swiss Solvency Test related services.

Our intro video highlights our key services around Solvency II and Swiss Solvency Test asset optimisation and reporting. The main areas SolvencyAnalytics is focused on are:

  • Regulatory Investment Optimisation:
    • Asset allocation and portfolio optimisation under Solvency II and Swiss Solvency Test
    • Inclusion of ALM objectives in the asset management process (i.e. interest rate risks of assets and liabilities, insurance risks)
  • Regulatory Investment Reporting
    • EU: Solvency II Tripartite Template reporting, QRT reporting
    • EU: CRR, Gromikv, VAG reporting
    • CH: Swiss Solvency Test analytics and reporting and FINMA Anlagerichtlinien 2016/5 reporting

For any questions or queries regarding our services please contact us at